Duffy Express Freight import data from manifest files received by email. We recognise that received data files will be in a variety of formats, so our systems convert email attachments using custom conversion software before importing into our booking system - IFMS by BH Associates.

File Types

We would prefer delimited text files, such as comma separated, tab separated and pipe separated.

We can, with some success, import the following file types:

  • PDFs created using Crystal Reports
  • Azrya Freight System PDFs (Crystal Reports)
  • Microsoft Word documents
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

All files should contain at least the following separate fields for each booking:

  • Customer Reference
  • Deliver To
  • Deliver Address 1
  • Deliver Address 2
  • Deliver Address 3
  • Deliver Address 4
  • Deliver Address 5
  • Packs
  • Weight
  • Unit Type
  • Driver Instructions

Additionally, we would require a way of uniquely identifying the invoicee from the file, such as, an extra field containing the customer code on our system, the name of the file being recognisable, etc.

Download a sample CSV manifest file here.

For more information please contact us via the contact us page.

View our Conditions of Carriage document in PDF format here.